Tech Stocks | Our Approach


How & Why it Works


We are highly experienced in investment management and research of tech stocks. It makes our firm foundation of long term growth investing. A long-term view of the secular growth of investment value determines our judgment.


We view growth that drives incremental value-added to the society is more valuable in a sustainably low-growth world than before. In hindsight, since the 80s, when computing started to get spread after the population growth started to slow down, we believe it has become a pivotal axis of value-added that led to various changes behind the economic trends.


As such, tech stock investing constitutes one of the most critical parts of the entire long-term growth stock investing, because it drives return on investment for all industries as well as value-for-money for consumers. Without it, there has not been broad growth of the emerging economies that benefited from the low-cost of communication and labor demand for technology products.


We carefully remain neutral against the market price dynamics of tech stocks in the short run, because there are so many traders competing for musical chairs and we do not think we have a better skill as a trader. We think investing for the long term with an understanding of nature of the market where event-driven minds are so crowded.


Our approach is based on our long-term & hands-on, bottom-up primary research and investment experience in tech stocks. While we are optimistic from the top-down level views, selecting investment is entirely bottom-up and individual.

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