Specialized Portfolio Management

What We Do

Portfolio management is an essential aspect of investment strategy that ensures reliable and consistent execution of investment decisions, thereby producing predictable and steady performance results that foster trust. Through meticulous analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities, portfolio management enables investors to take calculated risks, which may sometimes be higher than the market. This approach aims to maximize returns while minimizing risk exposure and volatility. As a specialized advisor, it is our duty to offer professional portfolio management services that align with the unique investment goals and preferences of our clients.

Portfolio Overview

The portfolio’s primary character can be characterized as one that focuses on public equity and long-only investments. This is achieved whilst avoiding the use of leverage, derivatives, and active currency allocation, thus mitigating risk whilst maximizing returns. The portfolio has a broad market cap range, covering mega-cap to mid/small-cap, and is global and multi-industry in nature. It is characterized by a focus on individual stocks, with a fundamental, long-term, and concentrated approach that is growth of intrinsic value-oriented.

More About Portfolio

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Specialized Investment Management

Separately Managed Accounts

We are a specialized investment management and SMA advisory. Our core portfolio approach with a portfolio construction tool makes this the most ideal structure.

Portfolio Management and Risk Management

The present statement elucidates our approach to portfolio management. While we may reference market indices when selecting securities, we do not manage the portfolio against these indices. Such an approach may compromise our long-term objectives and limit our independence from market forces. Instead, we prioritize thoughtful, individual security decisions and do not endeavor to time the market. We use aggregate risk figures as a reference but acknowledge their limitations and prioritize individual security decisions when making rebalances.

We firmly believe that effective portfolio risk management necessitates intensive monitoring of the companies in our portfolio, as unforeseen is the usual uncertainty of any investment with a risk premium. Since uncertainties cannot be quantified in advance, instead, we focus on comprehending how these uncertainties, in turn, will, in a statistically significant manner, become a source of generating solid returns in the coming years when the market crowd is obsessed so deeply with near-term and timing decisions. Therefore, risk management is not separated from managing the time horizon to balance several months or quarters of price behavior with the actual time horizon of multiple years into the future; instead, risk management is adjacent to focusing exclusively on fundamental value. We understand that the risk mechanism and its definition change significantly over time and are often underestimated by market participants. However, we believe that our risk management philosophy is quite different from investing in venture lottery speculation, as such an approach has a high failure rate, and small success does not reduce risk over time, as we advocate.

Thus, by prioritizing individual security decisions and minimizing portfolio risk management-led transactions, we strive to maintain a thoughtful distance from market dynamics while opportunistically taking advantage of market opportunities. We believe this portfolio management approach is in our client’s best interests and will lead to long-term success.