Discerning the Growth of Value from Noise

Our Approach


How it Works


We are independent thinkers, neutral, and calm against market g-force.

Think through and thoughtfully skeptic, unconventionally.


Why it Works


As Keynes mentioned in the 30s, the group following behavior is structurally built in the system. An event-driven and short term price reaction trade analysis is widespread, and the risk management is measured by the records of performance and/or downside protection even on a daily basis.

That led to a deviation of duration of risk between public equity investment and private asset investment which is priced not by the market mechanism.

As the financial market is full of those biases and dynamism mixed with both reflection of intrinsic value and price-oriented volatility, it is easier said than done to keep distant from crowds and careful about bias in public markets.

As both an independent advisor and thinker, we focus on long-term on our fundamental thoughts and carefully keep calm under market g-force. We think our approach differentiates our portfolio equipped with diversifying & complementary nature in the entire portfolios.

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