Growth of Value

Our Approach


How it Works

We are independent thinkers who remain calm and analytical in the face of market volatility. Price variability is an essential premium for achieving long-term solid returns. Long-term investments are not a sum of short-term investments, and the return over risk ratio improves as the investment period extends.

Our approach prioritizes being extremely analytical and objective. We make all efforts to select the “right” type of risk premiums that can decline due to the passage of time and growth over multiple years rather than just a year. Quarters or months are the wrong scale for real long-term investments.

We approach investing critically and unconventionally, thinking in terms of growth of intrinsic value. Unfortunately, most market participants mistakenly regard pricing as valuation and consecutive short-term investing as long-term investing, two completely different items that should not be mixed up.

The process integrity of long-term investing is critical to delivering its actual, powerful benefits over time. We acknowledge that there are many reasons behind conventional short-term investing, and commercially, that is the way to go. However, we pursue niche and unconventional while focusing on sound long-term fundamental investing that aligns objectives with the long-term expectation of capital return and the most suitable capital allocation under ideal capitalism.

As a result of pursuing the goal of being in complete sync with the ideal capitalism and long-term capital allocation, we aim to get closer to the organically sustainable long-term growth of the economy.

Why it Works

In the 1930s, the renowned economist John Maynard Keynes pointed out that the financial world naturally tends to follow the crowd. Today, this still holds true. While people talk about pricing and its forecast, they refer to it mistakenly as valuation.

Distinguishing between a reaction during a trend and a structural shift and assessing whether it is appropriate to apply a naive extension into the future requires careful thoughtfulness and critical evaluation of those homogeneous activities.

The financial market is a complex and dynamic arena in which intrinsic value and price-oriented volatility are concealed. Navigating this terrain poses a significant challenge since succumbing to the crowd mentality and losing sight of impartial decision-making is easy.

Our primary focus is on the long-term horizon, as time can harness the generic and intrinsic growth of the market and transform its temperature into an avoidable secular return. We can identify opportunities and make well-informed decisions that serve the best interests of long-term investors by keeping our sights set on the future while thoughtfully, selectively, and carefully tuning out the noise and distractions of the present.

Acknowledging the increasing historical trend of conventional herding bias, compounded by online social activities, is pertinent. As independent advisors and discerning thinkers, we pay close attention to our fundamental beliefs in the long term and remain composed in the face of market fluctuations. Our approach sets us apart as we are very cognizant of the importance of integrity across all the processes and activities to avoid short-term bias.