Our Difference

We focus on curating best public equities from global equities through our original cutting-edge research on the growth of intrinsic value.

Our Belief and Story


We are a long-term fundamental investment advisor. We pursue the constant long-term time horizon to remain focused on the growth of intrinsic value with the perspectives of decades of both past and future, to form the shape from the very bottom up as well as mighty megatrend and decades of market history as a source of objective analysis. It builds our differentiated process and philosophy.


We have a challenge. It has only given us a new opportunity to become more creative, adaptive, and efficient as experienced professionals to deliver even better results consistently, regardless of the environment. Also, the market and mass are, by definition, short-term focused, and we are not in that camp, which means scaling of business is not our high priority. We aim strongly to be extremely smart, original, and accurate in the long run, which is the top priority. We have zero compromise in this regard.


We are confident that we have significant equity investment experience, different ideas, unconventional views, and new approaches and are strongly determined to prove it continuously through our performance and value-added to clients.


We welcome the challenge. We take it because we are very confident that we can bring new value-added to clients as our commitment.


We use all of our expertise & experience to work as hard as we can to serve clients and outperform the required true long-term fiduciary. We do not intend to control short-run performance and trade and forecast the short-term market price dynamics; our goal is long-term wealth buildup. Our long-term focus forces us to apply our intelligence to analyze every detail of fundamentals and how each thread is structured at micro-company and mega-macro levels.


Clients should not only have a great experience in a relationship but also obtain outperformance through unique research. This makes the fiducial totality and our professional fundamental investment expert title.


We aim to be the best fiduciary with a client-centric culture. We do not like the unfortunate fact that hidden excess fees and mechanics remain in asset management where money is at stake. Our innovation has to be able to lead to a lean and fiducial fight against the excesses.


By providing a direct-to-client SMA model without complexities, we think there is room for clients to obtain a better return, and the risk taken is always for it. we are obsessed with how to turn volatility as risk more effectively into long-term higher returns with a low turnover.

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Original Idea

Original Ideas and Research

We are an independent advisor and conduct original research independently – not just a conventional definition of independence.

Specialized Investment Management

Specialized Investment Management

We specialize in investment management and offer personalized SMA advisory services with curated individual stocks to complement your entire portfolio.

Discerning value

Discerning Deliberately

We are independent thinkers, neutral and calm against market forces. We approach things thoughtfully, with a healthy dose of skepticism, and seek unconventional solutions.

Investment Value

Investment Value

In a world where growth is scarce, investing in growth for the long-term is the key to success, and we can capitalize on the inherent value of growth and reap the benefits of our investments for years to come.

Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty

We must always prioritize our clients’ best interests and never put our own interests before theirs.