Specialized Investment Management

Our Approach


How it Works

We are a specialized investment management and separately managed accounts (SMA) advisory.


Curated individual stocks for complementing the entire portfolio.


Why it Works

Our focus is long-only active investing in selective growth companies. As such, it can work best as a part of the diversification of the whole portfolio and especially so if it has style bias to a traditionally-defined value investing.


We firmly believe that the traditional sense of value is getting headwinds from the big picture of world economic growth.


As such it looks reasonable to name ourselves as “specialized investment advisory” rather than general investment advisory who has scalable and broad service.


We provide our discretional investment advisory service via separately managed accounts, which we believe has benefits for clients because SMA enables clients to have a 24/7 access to the advised portfolio through the custodian’s portal, a strong basis of portfolio transparency and control. It also enables clients to manage liquidity and a low cost of borrowing temporarily, and we set no withdrawal restrictions, although we advise, in general, clients not to get influenced and act on the short term market price movement.


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