Long-Term Advisory

How high is your portfolio turnover? 


What is your portfolio performance?


How highly is your portfolio composed of market indexed funds? 

Investment Expertise

How experienced is your advisor in developing ideas from the bottom up?


Have you heard about an investment second opinion and multi-advisors? 


Getting different value-added?

About Us

BALANSTONE is a specialized & enterprising investment advisor and an expert in fundamental and long term growth stocks.

We offer specialized growth oriented equity portfolio, which provides a strong diversification as a complementary portfolio.

Balanstone was founded by Shawn Ishiguro, who is an investment expert with significant experience in active and bottom-up global equities for over twenty years. Built extensive global investment experience at small boutique focused fundamental team, where he led the team as a principal and contributed portfolio return significantly and consistently through stock selection. He has successful experiences of starting a new strategy and developing a team with his original approach that is thought through extensively. Balanstone is built on these accomplishments.


We focus on selecting equities from global through our original research on the growth of intrinsic value.



History is the path we will create in the future. In the past we have built a strong foundation.



What research has BALANSTONE done to generate a strong portfolio return consistently? Articles of now and then that tell what we have seen and done, from the big picture to the in-depth company analysis.



The latest portfolio performance results and portfolio characteristics.


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