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Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you myself and BALANSTONE.
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Quality & Result Oriented Investment

I am honored to have delivered the results to clients as a portfolio manager of various global accounts. We analyze the market but do not participate in herding. Thoughtful and original judgments on investment can only lead to sustainable added-value.

Value Oriented

We are disciplined and the ideas are generated from combining both fundamental data and experienced judgment. Our Process selects the best investment from persistent growth equity, high & visible growth equity, high shareholder return equity, and low-priced equity. We apply our insights and extensive experience to the list.




The financial market is a place where the beauty contest is the rule. Price is not value. We are the minority, not engaging in herding behavior and acknowledging the structural and behavioral bias of the market.

Who I am

Ichiro Shawn Ishiguro

CFA 1995

CMA 1993

I, Ichiro Shawn Ishiguro, am an investment professional. During my years of professional investment experience in Boston and Tokyo, I have focused on global investment management and fundamental research to serve the owners of long-term capital. I have extensive experience in global equity primary research and investment management and conduct research on companies and industries to generate investment ideas and apply the recommendations to the construction and management of portfolios.

I believe in long-term fundamental investment. This has been my specialty since the 1990s, and I have extensive and in-depth insights and knowledge in the global technology industry.

In my personal time, I enjoy workouts at a gym, fine wines, and creative photography. I live with my family and a Norfolk terrier in a suburb of Boston, where I have been residing since 2004.

Ichiro Shawn Ishiguro, CFA

Ichiro Shawn Ishiguro, CFA



Throughout my life, my objective has been to be a professional with a global scope and a strong desire to drive in-depth & differentiated fundamental research.

I founded BALANSTONE because I believed I could provide a valuable service: delivering investment in its pure form. As the security market prioritizes the function as a market maker, “investment” is destined to be a group of the actions by minorities. However, it is evident that investment is the most consistent and reliable way to manage assets.

This led to the birth of BALANSTONE.


BALANSTONE is a registered independent investment advisory firm in Boston, Massachusetts. We are currently an investment advisory/fund venture company. We provide investment management and consulting service.

The name BALANSTONE has its origin in our investment vision, stemming from a conservative, realistic, and thoughtful judgment that has developed from an understanding of human decision making and psychology, insights into the nature of the market, in-depth analysis of business structure, comprehension of industry dynamics, and perspectives on long-term economic fundamentals.

Through a process that stacks each part of the analyzed results in a very orderly, careful manner, a shape of investment judgment is formed and characterized by a delicate balance and a unique shape. This process is reminiscent of stone balancing, which led to the name of BALANSTONE and the design of our company logo.

About philosophy

We believe that the capitalist economy works to increase the wealth of society and to benefit all economic entities, leading to the achievement of “growth”.

The investment target that matches our philosophical investment criteria has a firm foundation in business, as well as a sustainable and consistent growth, and takes reasonable care of all stakeholders, including minority stakeholders. That is to say, a strong economic entity that can advance capitalism meets our investment criteria.

To position invested assets for the best risk & return profile over the long run, we think that the portfolio needs to be structured in a way that can benefit from the long-term trends of the economy.