Equity Research


How & Why it Works


We are highly experienced in investment management and global equity research. It makes our broad insights into long term growth investing. The journey of our investment experience is international from the start. As such, we have learned from experiences to shape our perspectives as global investment citizens from day one.


We have visited a property developer in Singapore just before the Asian financial crisis, and we had memorable meetings in Taiwan just before the tech bubble burst. There was an intriguing discussion with a networking system company about the traffic routes and management inside DC in San Jose.


We learned how broad those dots are spread and how tightly they are linked with each other. That makes the uniqueness of the experience of global equity research. Our ideas are generated through our “trained” network of point and color of views, and the global perspective is essential. Connecting the dots in the brain and creating new ideas is more effectively done by a single person, a point of information processing, because the cost of sharing the context precisely is very high, even for experienced professionals.


What global equity means to us is also simple. It is the most extensive available investment universe of securities with liquidity and market transparent pricing. It is the broadest opportunity set for bottom-up equity research, and selecting a small subset does not seem the best choice as a starting point. If there are any constraints, such as high trading costs and liquidity issues, we have the flexibility not to select such an opportunity.


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