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Effective Date: November 15, 2017


We advise all the visitors to read the following statement carefully before proceeding, as it is a basic requirement for our financial business to be compliant with FINRA and SEC’s rules of advertising of hypothetical backtested performance. We stress the following message to dispel the misleading suggestion that the advertised performance represented actual trading.

• There are inherent limitations on the data derived from the retroactive application of a model developed with the benefit of hindsight.

• The reasons why actual results may differ are as follows.

First, it is uncertain whether the securities and trades that would be used going forward were available in the past.
Second, the advertised performance does not reflect the deduction of advisory fees, brokerage or other commissions, and any other expenses that a client would have paid.
Third, the advertised performance results do not represent the results of actual trading but were achieved by means of the retroactive application of a model designed with the benefit of hindsight and not with real money at stake.

• In addition, we stress that we only began offering the given service after the performance period depicted in the advertisement.
that all material economic and market factors that might have had an impact on our decision making when using the model to manage actual client accounts.

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