Minority Investment Advisor


We have high regard for social diversity and inclusion. As ourselves being a minority US investment advisor from Asia, it is a profound perspective.


Why We Do


May 2017 Bella Research Group report by Josh Lerner, Anna Leamon, Meagan Madden, and Jake Ledbetter (“Diverse Asset Management Project Firm Assessment”), commissioned by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, found that women- and minority-owned firms manage just 1.1% of the industry’s $71.4 trillion of assets under management (Knight Foundation, “New Report Reveals Low Levels of Diversity in Asset Management Industry, Despite Similar Investment Performance at Women- and Minority-Owned Firms,” press release [3 May


How We Do


It is said that “A potential reason for the lack of diverse owner firms is that such managers may underperform relative to their non-diverse peers. Consequently, investors may shy away from committing capital to diverse-owned funds to avoid lower returns.” 

We think our mission is not only to do our best to deliver a high return for clients but also to communicate how complimentary our approach and process is for clients in the long run.

We ar every small, but it is the direction that should work to raise the minority-owned firms’ position.

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