Enterprising Investment Advisor


We are a new enterprising advisor with significant equity investment experience and different ideas and approaches.


Why We Do


We think our approach fits a specialized operation much better. We would also like to be a constantly evolving investment advisory with the core original value and unique concepts intact.


Meanwhile, the trading & custodial platform has progressed due to technology development, and it is completely different from ten years ago. As a result, it can work as a trustable execution and management platform that meets the required criteria for many types of accounts at a lower cost.


To keep originality and difference that we believe can add complementary value, we have made efforts to develop new tools, test, implement, and carefully review them within the context of deep-dive bottom-up research.


Investment professional practitioners know in reality that there is an advantage to be small and focused rather than being extensive to deliver value-added. It is indeed true for public equity investing, which sees more challenges and costs when scaling.


We do not think we are right to express our thoughts on stereotypical statistical methods and measures in analyzing and classifying portfolios. Instead, we would like to pursue the path we believe in. And, that is the key rationale of “enterprising.”


How We Do


Our goal is to make constant progress toward a “lean and coherent investment process that makes a difference.”


We have a hybrid portfolio, combining two parts, “early-stage emerging companies without history to get analyzed in the long term” and “companies analyzed intensively from the shortlist made our original front-end screening AI investment expert engine. (AFIRI)”


For the former, we apply our hands-on professional experience. Making in-depth and original research through the non-financial community, connecting each merging element, and searching for directions and the extent of uncertainty and opportunity.


For the latter, we developed a tool trained by the experiences of both success and failure of the past investment judgment in our memory so that a new candidate short-listing process network can be built on what we do to help support the complex process of global investing.


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